Small But Lethal

On the production side, we hire and work alongside industry leading


cinematographers, audio engineers, coordinators, assistants and


professional editors where required to help bring your projects to life.

This flexibility allows us to approach each project uniquely, and hire the best talent for the job (without any unnecessary overhead).


The results are better videos, delivered quickly, for a fraction of the cost (compared with traditional video agencies).

Advanced Background in Iteration

Market Hunterz provides world-class storytelling and marketing to our clients.  Born out of desperation for results, video was initially discovered with our Founders first startup biggest problem, sales.  The startup needed to get results and fast.  The only way to cut through the noise in a highly competitive market was by video. And ever since then, we have gotten bolder and smarter when it comes to the strategies we use for ourselves and our clients.

Who can have ACCESS to Us?

We work with business owners who are hungry for growth.

Business owners who dream of building their business to be better, stronger and serve more people.

Any business can benefit from more efficient marketing.


We work with the businesses that realize that and want to take action towards improving the communication of their brand.

We work primarily with the business owner, the internal marketing team or the external agency who is handling the marketing/communications for the brand.

Types of businesses we work with:

  • Consultants

  • Construction Companies

  • Coaches

  • Public Speakers

  • B2B

  • Local Businesses

  • Independent Contractors

  • Dentists

  • Doctors

  • Orthodontists

  • Pediatricians

  • SAAS companies

  • App Companies

  • Tech Companies

  • Startups

  • E-Commerce Brands

  • More.....