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From Avant to Music World

Hakeem Bradley is a graduate from the Avant January, 2018 class. However, even before graduating, he had a plan for success. While networking during his BDM 101 course at Avant, Hakeem was able to secure an internship with Music World under Mr. Mathew Knowles. Upon graduation, Hakeem was hired to work at the company full time and was offered a position as a licensing and royalty administrator which included a wide variety of tasks and even his own office. With consistent hard work he also was able to occupy the title of “marketing assistant”, and was eventually promoted to become their A&R administrator. 

As far as his personal aspirations go, Hakeem has continued to work as a freelance artist and a creative director. In 2019, he will be a panelist for this year’s International Black Houston Film Festival, and is also working part time running sound at a church in Houston. Hakeem has made it a priority to give back to his community that has supported him and watched him grow his entire life. From all of the experiences he's had within the past two years, Hakeem’s word of advice for aspiring audio engineers and creators is;

“Believe in yourself and keep hustling. You have to have the mentality of   ‘There’s nothing I can’t do’.”

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