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Paul Wall & Lil Keke Visit Avant

What an amazing experience the students of AMI were able to have, when Houston's very own music artists Paul Wall and Lil Keke were kind enough to stop by our campus to speak and engage with our current aspiring audio engineers earlier this month. Avant couldn't be more proud and appreciative of the time and energy they were able to give to our staff and students. Not only were they able to answer questions from our students, they also shared stories and gave real world advice and even stayed for photos! For our students, it was a great experience to be able to receive great feedback from established artists in the industry, especially two of Houston's own! 

Paul Wall and Lil Keke both had relevant and applicable advice to give to the students. They put a major emphasis on the expectations artists have with their own audio engineers. All of their answers to the students' questions went in depth and were very thorough, giving everyone in the room a good idea of what to expect when gaining more clients throughout their careers. AMI would like to thank these two for taking the time to speak to our students, and we can't wait to have them here again!

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